Smallest fan

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Michael's 1 year Portrait Session

Little Michael is such as sweet, laid back kind of kid. His Dad and my husband are great friends through the HAM radio circuit. They then introduced the wives (Jennie and myself) to each other and we had so much in common as well. Anyways, Michael was really excited about the tractor (I think its a boy thing?). It was one of the hottest days of the year thus far but he gave me tons of his amazing smiles and made my job so easy. His Mom and I were roasting but he was all calm and cool while I finished his portraits. Thanks Jennie & Dan for having such an awesome little man!! He rocked this session. I will have more up as I finish them. Enjoy!

Shawn, Elizabeth & Lexie's Family Portrait Session

How many times can I say I love what I do but really...I LOVE it!! What a blast to photograph this family on their beautiful boat. The weather called for sunshine and clouds but the weatherman lied. It poured buckets but luckily they had their boat docked in a wonderfully lit covered marina. So for now we have these portraits and hopefully next week I will have more of the boat floating in open water sans rain. Thank you Shawn & Beth for making sure my camera nor I fell into the water. Here are the new additions to their other session!! This time the weather was amazingly perfect. Enjoy!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cole's Portrait Session

When we took Cole's 6 month portraits he just did not like the sun at the beach plus it was so hot out that day. We decided to get the family shots and reschedule his portraits for a cooler, less sunny afternoon. He is such a good little guy that this time around he did not stop smiling most of the time. His Mom had to run around (pregnant and all) to keep him entertained for a bit at the end. What a trooper she is!! And Cole did fantastic!! Thanks for your patience Chrissy!!

And these hydrangea's were so beautiful I couldn't help but photograph those as well. After all they are one of my favorite flowers.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hailey's Portrait Session

Hailey is turning 1!!! She came all the way from Florida with her parents whom I had the honor of photographing their engagement portraits and wedding a couple of years back. Now I get to photograph their adorable little daughter. I don't think I have ever met a little girl who was so full of smiles before but she did not even remove her grin until the very end when she was getting hungry. Even then she was all smiles when she got her snacks. And look at those blue eyes...beautiful!! Thank you Danielle & Shaun for coming from Florida so I could capture your amazing daughters 1 year portraits... Oh and so you could visit your family of course=)

Isaac & Elizabeth's Portrait Session

Can these two adorable kids get any cuter? I mean look at those blue eyes on both of them. On top of being so photogenic they were so much fun. Isaac loved playing on the big tractor which he has a smaller version of the same one. Elizabeth was all smiles when it was her turn in front of the camera and at 3 months she could hold her head up really well and let me tell you that is awesome!! They drove quite a distance for their portrait session so I hope to have another chance to photograph these two in the near future. Thank you Isaac & Elizabeth for being such awesome kiddos!!

Milo & Eloise's Portrait Session

These twins keep getting cuter and cuter every time I see them. And they are starting to get little personalities. Eloise was so calm and aware of everything that was going on. She was so content just watching and giving me little smiles. Milo was so active but tired. He wanted to either be involved or sleep but did not want to miss a thing. The two of them together are going to give their Mom and Dad a run for their money but I have a good feeling they will love every minute of it. Thank you Milo & Eloise (Mom and Dad too) for being such good photogenic babies for me even while being a little sick.