Smallest fan

Friday, April 22, 2011


Hi to all my loyal followers,

I am so terribly sorry I have not kept up on this blog as much as I should. I have been very, very busy these last few months and have not had time to put any new work up (or breath really). I will post as much new work as I can when things slow down slightly. But for now if you would like to check out my Facebook Fanpage it contains every new session I have done up until now. Here is the link

While you are there I am having a contest to see who can refer the most new fans to this page. So please like the page, share the link on your personal page and have your friends & family leave a comment that you referred them to it in order to win. The person who has sent over the most new fans will win a BIG prize! But please do not un-like the page afterwards because that is not nice nor is it fair to the others trying to win. Make sure they leave a comment that you sent them or else it does not count. Ready. Set. Go.

If we hit over 450 fans I will also draw another winner for a prize as well! So get all your friends and family to become fans!

Thank you,
Lindsey VanTiem