Smallest fan

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

They own my heart ♥

These are my boys. They are my life {besides my husband}. Sometimes life gets crazy and work is busy but I will never forget who my heart belongs to. They are loved so very much. And in return show their love when they hug me, in their kisses, when I hold them tight, teach them and through those little smiles. Nothing is more important than these two boys that are wild, crazy, silly, clumsy, sassy at times and total sweethearts {With a side of stubbornness}. I think my husband and I did good when we brought each of them into this world. I just wish the world was a little bit better for them. But they are the hope for an improved world in the near future! I just wanted to share a piece of my world with you. Thank you for embracing me for not only my art & work but for me as a person, a mother, a wife.
 Peace, love, happiness.
Lindsey VanTiem