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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GRACIE 4 GLEE cast!!

If you have a free second please go to this link and sign into Myspace or Facebook. Her name is Grace and I have known her since she was a lil 2nd grader. I used to babysit her and her little sissy. She would be a perfect addition to the cast and has the most amazing voice. Thank you in advance and please don't forget to vote. Thank you!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Voting has started up again!!

Thank you to everyone who helped Elissa H. get to the Sexy 16!! Voting has started for the Exotic 8. It would be so awesome if everyone could go vote just once for her, it would be very much appreciated. Its quick and easy. She truly deserves to have this opportunity and she will keep Detroit classy. Thank you again in advance for all your help. Here is the link again.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The "L" Family Portraits & Z's 22 month Sneak Peek ~April 11, 2010~

I had the honor of photographing the "L" family and Z's 22 month portraits. They are such an awesome bunch. All of the kids had so much energy and were so willing to be photographed which made my job so much easier. It was so nice outside that we were able to get some fun shots of the kids and a couple of nice family portrait. I hope you enjoy these and thank you to the "L" family for the fun afternoon!!

P.S. A big Happy Birthday to Mrs. Shelley!!! I hope these put a smile on your face for your special day!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sneak Peek of Aidan's 9 month Portraits

This little man is so adorable and fun to be around. He had smiles for me the moment I met him. But for the camera...he hated it!! Lucky for me his parents had a few tricks up their sleeves. He loves Michael Jackson's music and his Uncle helped bring out some smiles but I think he just wanted to take a nap. I was able to get some really cute shots of him just having fun when he wasn't looking at the camera of course. I hope you enjoy this Sneak Peek. More to come as I work on them.

Fun & Flower Photography

I have pulled a ton of old photo's I took from my old computer & camera and ran them through my new editing software. This is some of the fun ones. Enjoy and please don't forget to vote for Elissa (link is below in previous blog post)!! Thank you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Please vote for Elissa H. for The WRIF Rock Girl Contest!

Elissa hired me to shoot pin up portraits of her a couple months back and she is now my 'go to gal' for anytime I need a model. She is super fun to be around, has a beautiful voice and inspires my photography. Thank you everyone in advance for your help and support. She is a wonderful person whom deserves this greatly. I wish her all the best in this contest and in life!

Here is the link to vote for her in The WRIF Rock Girl contest-

Here is her personal website to book her for singing engagements-

Also in Elissa's Photo Gallery it has many of the portraits from her Pin up session. So exciting!!

Best Wishes Elissa!!