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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winning is always fun...

{Photo Courtesy of Cortney Tostevin Photography. Frame Courtesy of Poppy Seed Frames}

I have a very good friend who is another Michigan photographer named Cortney Tostevin. She is amazing and is always so upbeat, positive and super sweet so don't forget to "Like" her Facebook Fan page as well. I love her to pieces! She has entered into a contest to win a prize and I want to help her out. If you could head over to "Like" their page then head here to "Like" the photo that Cortney Tostevin created that would be such a nice thing to do. Also for being so awesome there is a chance at a prize for you as well. Once you have done all of the steps (Sharing the link for others would be a sweet bonus) don't forget to Cutie Patootie Photography Props and enter for a chance to win a hat for helping Cortney win her prize. All the rules are right there on both pages so please follow them.

Hat created by Cutie Patootie Photography Props(All rights Reserved). Make sure to "Like" her page as well to find some adorable props.

Thank you so much and best of luck winning that adorable hat (I know I entered;). And Good luck Cortney!!

Photo 52 Project for F-U-N!

My friend who is also a photographer {The AMAZING Amanda Skelte of Gingersnap Photographs} set up a photo challenge. The photo challenge last 52 weeks and goes through the alphabet twice. This allows photographers or anyone really to "shoot" away and not just for clients/business. I am sticking with a toy theme so I can create a book for my boys to look over their alphabet and refresh them on their letters. It is also a fun way to remember what toys they have and loved at this age when those toys are long gone or broken (Anyone who has boys knows how long one toy can last). So without further delay here are my letters so far. As I we get more into the weeks I will post a few more.
Thank you for stopping in and please don't forget to head over to Lindsey VanTiem Photography's Fan page to "Like" it! If we hit 2000 fans a fantastic giveaway will begin! ♥

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A little change...for today!!

Today I decided to change it up a little bit. I feel I have once again neglected this blog because of being so busy with the business, my family and life in general. So I thought why not share something I love to do for my kids and their friends. Last October I crafted up an easy-peezy yummy treat for my son's class for Halloween. This time around I made something similar for Groundhogs Day. I will include the ingredients and that is basically all because well IT IS THAT EASY! And please we all know even stay at home Moms, part-time working Moms and full time working Moms can look like the most craftiest of the bunch when you have something simple but packs a yummy punch!

Hunts Snack packs or any Ready made Pudding cups- Chocolate or Vanilla for this recipe will work (Peel cover off and start the fun part)
1- bag of shredded Coconut (The snow)
1- bag of crushed Oreos (only a small amount of this is needed for the shadow part)
1- tube Wilton black Sparkle gel (For the nose and smile)
1 tube Cake Mate Easy Squeeze White decorating icing (For the eyes and ears)
1- package Jet Puff Toasted Coconut Marshmallows or Nutter Butters(The heads of the Groundhogs)
1 package Wilton Edible Google eyes
1 small bag of chopped Walnuts (For the ears)
1 box of Wilton baking cups (Make sure they expand so you can fit the whole handi-pack pudding cup in them)

Package them in decorative bags and refrigerate after done to keep them fresh.

Here are the images I took of the delicious snacks for my son's class for Groundhogs Day. I have included images of the ingredients as well so you can see what I used for these snacks. The teachers love them because everything is edible then you can toss everything when they are done.

Bon App├ętit!!