Smallest fan

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Doug & Chantel Lasky

Doug and Chantel were married last week in Algonac, MI along the waters edge. It was a crisp September day but the sun was shining bright and the colors were so vibrant. These two are great together!!! Doug has been my friend for 13 years and I would not have missed this day for anything especially since he had always said he would never get married. I had to witness this monumental event and document it for all of us who were in denial. Haha~ just kidding!! Chantel is really great for him. Congratulations to Doug and Chantel, have a great honeymoon in Costa Rica. I hope everyone enjoys the ones I have posted, once again I do have so many more to upload and edit so keep checking back for more. Thanks!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jeff & Amanda Torney

I had the honor of attending the wedding of Jeff and Amanda Torney this past Friday. I have known Jeff since the 2nd grade. My brother and Jeff have been best friends for over twenty years. I would tag along with the boys even though Jeff was my age and everyone else was much younger I wasn't allowed to hangout with them (I did anyways). Jeff married thee most sweetest, kindest, beautiful person I have ever met. I'm not even kidding, she is so amazing. They are meant for each other in every sense and it was such a great celebration in their honor. Amanda calls Jeff her lobster, because lobsters only have one mate for life!! I love it!! There are so many more photo's to post but be patient it has been super busy these last couple of weeks!! Enjoy!!