Smallest fan

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chrissy's Maternity Portraits

What another beautiful session today. The weather was amazing, little Cole was all smiles and of course Chrissy was as gorgeous as ever. Even Chris, her hubby, was very patient with all of us as well. They are expecting their second baby in November. This time its a girl!! She has become a friend as well as my go-to girl for hair (She turned me blonde again but also made me feel like a new person) and I love her for it!! So as a gift I wanted to give her something just as special, a maternity session to look back and remember this time of her pregnancy. I just hope she loves them as much as I love my hair! I can't wait until she has baby Callie so we can use my girly props for her portrait sessions. Thank you Chrissy for being so awesome even in the scorching heat today, you are a real trooper!

Troy, Logan & Ethan's Portrait Session

It was such a beautiful weekend and a busy one at that. What a great Saturday it was to be outside and photographing these three wonderful, high energy young men. They sure kept me busy but I would expect nothing less from boys. We were able to get a ton of action shots as well as a couple group portraits. I am sure they will remember me as the lady who made them sit still on such a great day. I know they were at their happiest running around and playing. I have to thank their Mom, Dad and Grandparents for doing all the wrangling and keeping the guys smiling. What a great family! I hope you all enjoy these.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Levi's Newborn Portrait Session

Let me start out by saying how absolutely excited I was to photograph baby Levi. I was so sad when I booked up so fast this summer and I couldn't reschedule his Mom's maternity session before he was due to arrive {tears}. My husband also surprised me with a new prop for newborn sessions that worked awesome for this shoot. And it was a big hit with Levi's older brother as well (A huge bean bag square). Tommy is such a proud big brother, so of course I had to capture his excitement as well. I am just adoring every single image taken from that day which is making it hard to pick and choose them. I will take that over not having enough to choose from any day. Thank you Charity for your stellar help and for being such a great Mama bear to your boys. I had a blast capturing your kiddos!!

Eryka's 9 month Portrait Session

It is always so exciting to watch the newborns I photograph grow into little people with awesome personalities. Eryka is so fantastic!! She is such a happy little girl and was such a sport with the wings we put on her. She just keeps getting more and more adorable every time I see her. Thank you Doug & Desi for the opportunity to capture your little princesses personality again. She rocks and so do you guys!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Nathan's 6 month Portraits

I feel so blessed to have been able to watch this little guy grow since he was in his Mommy's belly. I can not believe how happy and just plain awesome this lil man was the whole time during his session. We shot with all natural lighting outside and lucky for all involved it was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. He is definitely a ladies man with that grin and big deep eyes. Dad's lock up your daughters because Nathan is coming to meet them~LOL~. Enjoy!!

Colin & Madison's Portrait Session

As you can see from the photographs below Madison & Colin are two of the coolest kids I have ever worked with. They were up for anything and that made it so much fun! Their Mom was one of my dearest friends in grade school and we recently reconnected. I was so excited when she wanted me to photograph her "babies". I was so worried about the rain but it held off pretty good for the whole session and poured when we ended it at the candy shop. The candy was just the cherry on top of the cake. Thanks Michelle for allowing me the honor to capture your kids through my lens. Enjoy!!